Cock Teasing Diaper Session Trifecta

You are the epitome of a diaper lover

You just love to dance around and play around in your little diapers. You love the feel of that cushion-y cotton wrapped around your bottom. You may even open the diaper up and rub it all over your body. Just lying on the floor sniffing a newly opened package of.

DSCN1840Do you prefer cloth or disposable?

You get extremely aroused when you have your fresh new adult baby diaper on and you sit in front of a mirror; you decide to empty your bladder and watch the little bears and ‘wetness protection’ lines disappear.

Your diaper thickens as it gets wet, and tightens as your arousal also grows.

You decide to rub on the front of your diaper with your hands – just as you are instructed to do by your mommy mistress.

But as your arm squishes against your stomach while your hand is inside the diaper, you realize…you’ve emptied your bladder – but now have to do the same to your bowels.

Don’t worry, this is just part two of your ‘dirty doings’ as commanded. You do as you are told, and you feel the excitement ready to explode out of you.

But, you haven’t been given permission to cum. So you release what you HAVE been permitted to release…and I want to hear you grunt as you mess your diaper.

You’ve made a wet, yellow mess. A stinky, brown mess…and now you will be instructed to complete the trio with making a sticky, white mess.

There are fun little things we will do during your special kind of threesome going on in your diaper…don’t think you are just allowed to empty and run. There is tease and denial all along the way. You have to work and EARN your release, and you love every moment of it.

From the time you pull that diaper out, to the time you pull it off.

I bet you are wondering, just how long I’ll make you sit in that mess…