ABDL Exploration: Finding the Right Adult Diaper

Finding the right diaper can be a task. There are so many options and choices out there. It boils down what you want: look, feel, thickness, how often, and your budget. The budget can be a biggie, and so is finding the diaper that actually fits your needs.

Budget concerns for the Diaper Lover

The budget is certainly something to take a look at when getting your first package of diapers. I’ve seen them priced from 15.00 for a pack of 4, up to over 150.00 for a case of 80-100. Some companies will offer a ‘sample size’ of diapers will consist of 1-2 of the adult diaper selected and offered at a price of 5.00-15.00 for the sample size. While the cases definitely have the better pricing per unit – not all diaper lovers are going to be able pick up a case or two right off the bat. ESPECIALLY if you don’t know what kind of diaper you are wanting.

Those examples I’ve given above are for disposable diapers. There are options for adult cloth diapers out there, but you aren’t likely to find an inexpensive sample option. I see cloth diapers range from $25 to upwards of $60 for each one – I’ve seen a few pre-folded options for a bit cheaper in in lots of 4-6. The upside is that they are reusable. If that is the route you take, it may be a bit of a hurdle for the budget conscious – but would help in the long run since you don’t need a never-ending supply.

Some have the disposable income to get whatever package of diapers they want, whenever they want, and however many they want. That isn’t the situation for all concerned. Let’s face it, the adult baby, diaper lover lifestyle isn’t a budget friendly kink.  The sample size options are perfect for those that are just starting out, just exploring, or just like variety.

Factors for picking your Diaper

Picking the right diaper for you is very much a personal journey and experience – one that is fun to explore and test out. I’ve helped guide many diaper lovers through finding the right one for them.

Factors to think about:

You have to decide what you are going to use them for. This seems like a ‘duh’ question. But, it isn’t. Believe it or not some diaper wearers just like the feel of the diaper themselves and wont actually be ‘USING’ them. In that case, they can sometimes be reused a couple of times before tossed out.

You must decide the frequency of use. Are you going to be using them for their intended purposes? How often? Are you a 24/7 diaper wearer or trying to get yourself to that stage?

Do you seek a bulkier feel? Something that is loud and crinkly or something that is thinner and more discrete?

Do you want cloth or disposable adult diapers? Do you want the ability to roll it up and toss it out? Do you have the discipline to make sure you clean the cloth ones properly for re-use?

Do you want fun designs or just plain white ones? This one is more simple in nature, but still a decision nonetheless

Those are just a few factors to think about when selecting the right adult diaper for yourself.

Where do you find Adult Diapers

Plug the information into a search engine and you will find a plethora of places that offer different types of diapers and all sorts of fun things for your diaper loving self.  Bambino Diapers is a place you may hear me say frequently, some Etsy shops and even Ebay. My current ‘go-to’ when I need to get a variety for shenanigans is ABUniverse. You can pick up a single adult diaper for $6.00 with shipping being around $1 for the lowest option. (That is the price I currently purchased it at, that can change I’m sure…I don’t own the site, nor make any commission if you purchase from them, I just like them 😉 The lavender scented purple diapers are among my favorite for diaper lovers)

I make recommendations for diapers based on the factors I asked about above, but, honestly – I want my diaper wearers to be comfortable in what they are wearing. I want them to get the maximum enjoyment and use out of them.  Sure if you have some creativity you can create your own diapers from cheese cloth and feminine pads, if you have a slim figure you may be able to use the largest size of infant diapers or piece two of them together, you can use depends also. There are tons of options fulfill your diaper lover needs.

Finding the right diaper for you is one of the first steps with exploring the ABDL fetish and lifestyle.


If you have experience – what diapers are your favorite? What are your favorite sites to purchase them from? What would your advice be for first time adult diaper lovers?

Comment and join the discussion – and tweet me pictures of you in your diapers for an RT from me @abmommylillith or @mistresslillith.

ABDL Diaper Debate: Cloth or Disposable

Which is it Diaper Lover- Cloth or Disposable?

We already know what a diaper lover you are. But, what side of the great diaper debate do you land on?

I will never tell you which one to get, this is one of the few areas that your Mommy Mistress will allow you to make the decision. You need to be happy in your diaper. (Although, you may find yourself in a disposable diaper if I have to force you into one)

Some Pros and Some Cons

With disposable adult diapers you can find ones with fun and cutesy adult baby prints on them. (although, cloth have adorable covers these days too). Not to mention when it’s time for a change, it’s just wadded up and tossed. You don’t have to worry about tossing them into the laundry and cleaning them like you do with cloth. With cloth, you also have to keep on top of the laundry. Leaving around piles of dirty cloth diapers is repulsive and unacceptable.

Then again, that abdl mindset may be reinforced by having to launder your own diapers. It could be argued that tossing a disposable diaper away could mark the end of abdl play time and break the mindset.

So long as you keep your cloth diapers clean and tidy – you’ll never run out. Disposables you have to make sure you always have a stock pile. So the cost is something that would have to be taken into account.

Cloth diapers have the added cuteness of the rubber ducky pins and some of the plastic panties. Although, I have successfully manipulated the disposable ones in the past to incorporate ducky pins and the diaper pin padlocks (those are most fun with cloth diapers…much harder to break out of). You can also use the plastic panties over the disposable diapers, or just let your cute little designs show. LOL

I’ve seen the topic of adult diapers cloth vs disposable come into play a handful of times – and always find it interesting. I’ve seen debates over the BRAND of diapers. I know how passionate my diaper lovers are about their diapers, nappies, pampers, and all other terms of endearment.

If you are a first-time Diaper Wearer or new Diaper Lover, experience both and run a bit of an experiment to see which ones you like the best. I love giving out diaper dares and can certainly incorporate the testing of the two.

But, if you have a preference…what is yours? Disposable or Cloth and Why?

Join the Conversation on twitter with me too: @abmommylillith 


Wearing your Diaper in Public

Wear your diaper in public – that simple command seems to strike fear in so many diaper lovers and sissy babies.

You love your diapers, you adore your diapers…you even wish that you could wear your diapers ALL DAY LONG. You probably go to work and just count down the hours to when you can run home and toss your business clothes aside for something much less restrictive. You are forced to professionally be in-control all day long, by evening – that control is given to your pamper – cloth, disposable, or plastic it doesn’t matter.

You long to just prance around, fancy and worry free, you don’t like controlling your bladder – you don’t like having to deal with the confines of adult clothes…the diaper is where you belong. You have gotten past your diaper denial and are all about your diaper acceptance.

But—when dinner time comes along, and you realize you need an ingredient…you find yourself in a bit of a debacle … can you just run out as you are to get the ingredient? Are you going to go to the store wearing your diaper under the adult clothes you have to put back on? Or do you wimp out and change because the intensity of the thought is simply too much?

Wearing your diaper in public is clearly something that excites you. You think about the day you’ll do it, or you’ll reminisce about the time you WERE brave enough to walk out the front door in your diaper and long to do it again.

What really has you so scared to wear your diaper in public?

Is it because it is thicker and bulky? Do you think it will be seen? Is it because when your diaper is on you have no control over your bladder and you fear that you may wet or worse…make a stinky in it in public?

If you are one that wants to grow your lifestyle and wear your diapers on a more part-time to full-time to 24/7 basis…you will eventually have to break that phobia. I am a diaper mommy that will make you go into the store, I am the mommy that will have you striking up conversations while you are emptying your bladder into your diaper.

You need to wear your diaper in public. It is something you need. Stop being so scared, stop keeping it all in your head…make the fantasy into a reality. Cross that line.

Go step out front and go on a walk around your place of residence right now – with your diaper … ON.

Sissy Baby Katie’s Transition

I have been wanting to discuss a fun little Sissy Baby with you.

She was actually VERY hesitant at first to have a blog about here, but a few months have passed since I asked and SHE came to me to ask if I’d tell her story. No pictures for this sweet little sissy baby.

She actually came to me with just a curiosity of diapers and diaper wearing. There was quite a bit of hesitation and work that needed to be put in so that she was much more comfortable wearing them. She was already a self-proclaimed sissy and loved the bras and panties and all things girlie – BUT, there was something missing for her. That something – she found when she slipped into her first diaper.

Teaching her to tinkle was no problem. I don’t find that to be a difficult task for most. You can get over that fear and teach your bladder to just LET GO quite easily when given proper direction from an experienced abdl mommy such as my self.

Getting her to go #2 proved to be a bit more difficult, but over the course of a few months, she knew what was happening when the diaper was put on her.

She started out not wanting to wear them at work HOWEVER when you are going the route of total incontinence training, you have to understand that there is no turning it off and on…incontinence is exactly that. Please look up the definition, if you can schedule incontinence time, you aren’t really incontinent. LOL You just have scheduled diaper time.

So, we began molding her in a way that she WOULD wear those diapers at first. Now she has no problem using those diapees no matter who is around, or what she is doing.

The next step with my Little Sissy Katie was to add onto her baby training – that included sissy baby talk and a few sissy baby activities. There is always something she is working on.

One day the most amazing thing happened with Little Miss Katie….She called me up and from a very cutesie little voice I heard “Mommy…I’m a baby” – I was giddy with excitement and beaming with pride over my fully babyfied sissy girl!

When something just clicks, it clicks. It is always interesting to me to see how hesitant some are. In most of these cases I am more of a sensual ab mommy – just letting the pieces fall where they may. But, I am an excellent read with knowing the path they should be on. She is on that path quite nicely. I am excited to see how Little Sissy Baby Katie continues to grow – or rather…un-grows. 😉

Diaper Denial

I’m not sure why you continually fight the desire and fight the urge. You are in a serious case of diaper denial. You don’t think you need them, you think that you can just toss what you have left and never return to them again. ..

How many find themselves, right now, looking up adult diaper blogs and sites? How many right now are trying to convince themselves that this is NOT for them? If you have to convince yourself that it isn’t for you…oh my beloved diaper lover…it IS for you. It IS you…this is more than just a 15-minute masturbation fetish. Being a diaper lover is most definitely a lifestyle. A fetish lifestyle that you can not deny. Quit with your diaper denial. You belong in diapers.

You have always belonged in diapers

Even if I have to drag your fake macho ass down and force you into a diaper I will make sure to break you of your diaper denial habits. Once you feel the crinkle of those adult diapers you will remember why you belong in them.

I say ‘fake macho ass’ because let’s face it, you certainly aren’t a real man…never was and never will be. You only hope that one day you could become a man but there is no basis for that hope.

Rather, you need to let go of your diaper denial and just slap one on. Spend the day in it. Whether it is your first time actually taking the steps to put one on OR it is the first time in a while, I bet you will take to it like fish to water. (Or like an adult baby to an adult diaper — it’s a magnetic attraction)

Your diapers are something you need, something you depend on. Lucky for you, you have a ABDL Mommy Mistress to encourage you, guide you…FORCE YOU into diapers if necessary. I know this is where you ultimately belong, where you ultimately need to be.

Stop living in diaper denial – and put one on.

ABDL Toddler Time

Ready for some ABDL Toddler Time?!

It is the perfect play for my little abbies. This is for my slightly ‘older’ adult babies and sissy babies.

Do you know what ABDL Toddler Time is?

It is a special time for your abdl mommy and her darling little abdl where you get to be treated and act like the adult toddler that you are. This can be a fun time OR this can be a time of punishment.

I personally like to schedule adult toddler time. Finding a time during the day to send you different tasks for an extended period of time, or even engage with you, I guess you could look at it as a sort of home schooling for abdl trainees.

As the ABDL Toddler you have to put on your pamper during this time and then get to watch a certain cartoon on tv or play with cheerios for your counting – you could be dancing or learning a new song that your ABDL Mommy will teach you. It could be building towers of blocks or some other fun little game. It could just be going to the park and having some play time.

I would definitely consider the fun side of ABDL Toddler Time, a more sensually dominant approach. It is playful and fun…so long as you, the Little One, is doing what you have been asked to do. Some tasks aren’t always THAT fun but it is clearly in your best interest to complete them so you can continue on with the fun side.

If you don’t…

ABDL Toddler time could be Punishment

It could be degrading diaper punishment or humiliating abdl punishment. If you are going to act like a whiny toddler you are going to be punished accordingly. Time outs, early bed time, extended forced diaper wearing, over the knee spankings or other disciplines, having to puree your food or only eat baby food and drink out of a sippy cup – the list can go on and on and on with regards to ABDL punishment for ABDL Toddler time.

So what one speaks out to you? Will it be fun or will it be punishment? OR will it be a mixture of both. Time to play my little ones!


February ABDL Honor Roll: The Happy Diaper Lover

Every so often someone comes along that has one of the best personalities you’ve met in a while. This happy little diaper lover was new to me in and around the month of December. Out of the blue he showed up and requested a couple of Diaper lover assignments – the first assignment I gave him involved decorating a variety of diapers – much to my delight he went above and beyond to decorate the diapers.

That lead to inspiring me to create even more entertaining diaper lover assignments. Some were the daily diaper dare challenge and some were very detailed assignments. He has done each and everyone with a pep in his diaper loving step.

Never once has he popped off and never once has he

I wish I could share all of his diaper assignments with the world but ~ things have to be left to the imagination.

In fact, I let him know that he would be February’s ABDL Honor Roll Recipient and had him create a sash out of diapers to wear for when this posted.

For any first-time diaper lover our there, or newer diaper lover or someone that just likes to try new things – you will want to mold yourself after this particular diaper wearer. Have the enthusiasm, have a great attitude and you’ll make any ABDL phone mommy very, VERY happy.

Do you think you’d earn a coveted spot on the ABDL Honor Roll? I only hand out the award once a month to someone of my choosing. This is not a position that can be bought – it is earned. It will depend on you if I feel the desire to offer it to you

Things to know to about the ABDL Honor Roll:

~ Be in good standing and a current abdl trainee of Mistress Lillith

~Face pictures, names or other erotic blackmail type posts are NOT going to be included in ABDL Honor Roll posts. If you are a blackmail client of mine, you can still earn the title but this is not an abdl humiliation post. It is the ABDL Honor Roll – not a humiliation, exposure post. (I do offer abdl exposure as a separate thing 😉 )

~The recipient is notified a month to two months in advance, so if you are new to me don’t expect immediate ‘award’ – don’t EXPECT anything. Lol

Congratulations Happy Diaper Lover, a well deserving ABDL Honor Roll Recipient.

Sissy Baby Girl Dressup

You, my widdle pumpkin dumplin’, want to be all dolled up just like your porcelain doll and baby dolls. Nothing excites you more than getting into a bath and getting cleaned by your favorite abdl mommy mistress.

One of the best things about being a sissy baby girl, is all the fun dress up clothes you get to wear!

The pretty satin pink dresses with a white lace trim, coupled with white patterned stockings and black buckled shoes with the itty bitty heel.

You like to have your hair in teeny tight little curls bunched up in curly pigtails with pretty little barrettes in them.

You love the way the wind picks up your dresses and skirts as you spin and turn in circles.

You like when you bend over and the cheeks on your face get red as that short little dress shows your padded and diapered bottom. Do you wear plastic panties over your diaper? Or do you proudly show off your diaper?

You may like to dress like the sissy baby girl you are, and sometimes you may like to dress as a mini-me of your mommy mistress and have some extra special, naughty fun with mommy mistress and maybe male companions of mommy mistress.

Dressing up and sissy baby tea parties are always so much fun. What will you wear? What will mommy mistress put you in?  Drop a picture in the comments below of you in your favorite outfit or tweet @abmommylillith. I’d LOVE to see more sissy baby girl outfits – if you’d like some inspiration, make sure to get in touch with Mommy Lillith for a personalized session.

ABDL Honor Roll – Sissy Baby Julie

Since April of 2016 Lil’ Miss Julie has come to me for sissy baby hypnosis sessions. I have loved taking her deep into her subconscious where she can be the baby that she has always wanted to be and do the things she has always wanted to do.

Some of her mental barriers have been tougher to crack but we have always found ways around those barriers and now my prissy little sissy baby KNOWS what her dominant abdl mommy expects. We’ve worked on un-potty training, bed wetting and when lil baby Julie does what she is supposed to do…she gets extra special play time to complete the dirty diaper trifecta.

I adore my abbie Julie. She is always eager to please and that is why she gets the spotlight for the month of January. J

I love playing dress up with her too. Don’t you want to be my perfect porcelain princess in your puffy pink pampers?

Look how adorable she is in her satin pink corset and puffy tu-tu.  She is my perfect little dress me up doll. Always in her Sunday best.

I decided to write a little nursery rhyme for my good little sissy baby Julie (to the tune of little miss muffet)

Lil Ms. Julie…made a big doodie…filling her diaper so well. She danced and she twirled like a good baby girl and it made her clitty swell

She knows how to show love and affection for her mommy mistress and I love being able to return that affection.

Time to get back to work on furthering the weakness of your bladder and I do believe some special time is in order for you being such a good girl to make mommy’s abdl honor roll!


ABDL is not pedophilia

ABDL is NOT pedophilia.

I think that is why so many shy away from it or why it is one of the most shunned lifestyles in the world of kink. It is one of those fetishes that you either get or you don’t. It is like living a double lifestyle of a double lifestyle. — a double, double life dilemma.

Obviously, one size does not fit all, but for me and for the majority of adult babies and diaper lovers…ABDL Is NOT pedophilia.

I wish I could climb the tallest building and shout it from the roof tops.

When I have a new abbie call in and tell me how happy they are to have somone that gets it…it put’s a smile on my face.

I am a mommy mistress that understands the nature of the abdl lifestyle and fetish.

It’s about total loss of control. It’s about regressing to that place in your mind to a point at which you were most vulnerable. It’s about having to rely on someone else to complete even the simplest tasks and going into a subspace that only allows you to do what your abdl mommy makes you or allows you to do.

ABDL is NOT a one-size-fits all lifestyle either.

AB  is an adult baby. Someone that enjoys giving up the control. Sometimes they are adult sissy babies and like to be dressed up in frilly dresses, some are simply adult babies that want to be babyfied, treated like a baby, talked to like a baby, forced to act like a baby, being humiliated for being a baby rather than the man he should be.

DL is a diaper lover. Someone that just simply enjoys wearing a diaper. Sometimes it’s JUST wearing the diaper, other times it’s using the diaper or completing diaper dares and tasks while wearing them.

While almost all adult babies are also diaper lovers, not all diaper lovers are adult babies.

Sometimes the abdl will have fantasies and release to complete the trifecta of diaper wearing, but sometimes sexual gratification doesn’t even play a significant role in the lifestyle.

Oftentimes, it’s not about sex. It’s about the feeling.

Each of my abbies have their own little qwerks that I simply adore about them.

The next time you hear about a diaper wearer or an adult baby. Ask questions rather than pass judgment. You will either get it or you won’t and that is ok. It is the world we live in and this is a fetish and lifestyle that isn’t grasped by many.

I, for one, grasp it and embrace it. Mommy mistress is here for her abbies!

Because this is not a one size fits all lifestyle and kink I feel the need to add the disclaimer: If you are an abbie and feel pedophilia is a part of the lifestyle…I am not the abdl mommy for you. It really isn’t a part of the base of it…it’s something extra you added in. No judgment, what happens between consenting adults is none of anyone’s business – it’s just not a kink I indulge in.